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What Is Aerogel

The ultra insulation material Aerogel

Aerogel was first invented in America back in the 1930s by Stanford scientists. It was soon applied by NASA in the design of space suits and even the Mars Rover. Nowadays, it remains the world’s lightest solid material and the most effective thermal insulator.

(Image from the web)

It is so light that 1 cubic meter of aerogel only weighs 3.3 lbs.

(Image from the web)

It is so strong that it can function well between negative 300 Fahrenheit degrees to positive 2300 Fahrenheit degrees and still provide robust thermal insulation, typically with an r-value of 10.3 per inch.

The most common type of aerogel is silica aerogel (SiO2), the main components of this material are just silica and air (up to 99%), making it the world’s lowest-density solid and most effective thermal insulator.

Silica Aerogel structure (Image from the web)

Silica Aerogel is also considered an environmentally friendly material with many more great characteristics like fire retardant, mold resistance, hydrophobic, sound absorption, oil absorption, and more.

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