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Hospitality Industry Giant Sodexo Live! Announces Pilot Agreements with Thermal Smart

Los Angeles, CA. - Thermal Smart is joining Sodexo Live!'s first North American cohort of its milestone Accelerator program to help upgrade the company's logistic channel and operational hardware with aerogel technology.

The program focused on three key business functions that are relevant for today’s stadiums, arenas, convention centers, zoos, museums, aquariums, ski resorts, airport lounges, and more – the themes were Service Excellence, Guest/Fan Experience, and Operational Optimization. Over 100 companies submitted applications for consideration. Thermal Smart is among the final four startups to partner up with Sodexo Live! and will work as part of an innovation lab with dedicated advisors as part of the program’s focus on the revision of go-to-market strategies, user experience, fundraising, sales, marketing and branding, product design and working at enterprise scale.

Thermal Smart CEO Kris Wu shared at CES 2023 which Sodexo Live! manages all the food service, "...we are truly excited to kick off the program here in Vegas. We are already making great progress by collecting valuable operational data and analyzing areas for improvement. It's our goal to develop customized aerogel-enhanced solutions to help Sodexo Live! improve cold chain logistics efficiency, reduce food waste, and continue to deliver great guest experience across the nation."

"In the live events industry, it’s no longer enough to fulfill the status quo. We have to look ahead and future-proof ourselves and our venue partners, and this program is crucial to help attain those goals," said Matthew Wagner, Senior Vice President, Strategic Growth, Sodexo Live!.

"We’re grateful to all the talented teams who took the time to present their forward-thinking ideas, and we’re excited to now move forward with these four companies. They all offer smart perspectives on important issues the industry is facing, and we’re looking forward to seeing how they will drive growth across all segments of the business," said Greg Fender, Executive Vice President, Sodexo Live!.

Special shoutout to the corporate innovation specialist L Marks – which has created over 80 programs throughout Europe, Asia, and North America – to launch this effort.

About Thermal Smart

Thermal Smart is a startup focused on bringing the world's most robust insulation material Aerogel to help address companies' operational challenges that involve critical temperature management, including but not limited to, battery thermal runaway protection and cold chain logistics upgrade. Thermal Smart's supporting team in China owns over 40 Chinese invention patents and 1 USA invention patent in the aerogel-related field. With an in-house R&D lab and two established factories with 300,000+ cubic feet of aerogel annual output, Thermal Smart could quickly customize and deliver solutions to corporate partners. Thermal Smart is an active member of UCLA Anderson Venture Accelerator.

About Sodexo Live!

Sodexo Live! manages prestigious conference, cultural, and sporting venues and major events all over the world. With 40,000 employees and 500 sites, Sodexo Live! offers clients a range of bespoke catering, sales, and event management services, helping to transform the consumer experience into unforgettable memories. Sodexo Live! commits to unlocking customers’ full potential while favoring local communities. Sodexo Live! contributes to the success of prestigious events such as Royal Ascot, the Tour de France, the Rugby World Cup and soon the Paris 2024 Games, and showcases exceptional venues such as the Eiffel Tower Restaurants, Bateaux Parisiens, Yachts de Paris, the Royal Academy of Arts in London, the Museo del Prado in Madrid, the Hard Rock Stadium, the Scottish National Gallery, and the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. 

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