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Greener. Lighter. Thermal Smarter.

Aerogel was first invented in the 1930s. Due to its superior quality and performance, NASA soon adapted this material in the design of astronaut suits, space aircraft, and even the Mars Rover. At its early stage, aerogel was extremely expensive and difficult to produce; thus, only very few industries could afford it or even know about it.

Nowadays, with technological breakthroughs, the cost of production has been greatly reduced and the quantity & quality of aerogel products have been significantly improved. Just like the old phrase to the moon and back, aerogel is ready to make its return to earth and play an even more important role in industries closer to our daily lives.


Health Care Cold Chain Logistics

Medication Container

  • Suitable for vaccine and other medication products storage and transportation

  • Compatible with -328°F or above working condition

  • Keywords: ultra-low temperature, precision 


Energy Efficient Facility 

Building Insulation

  • Suitable for building and warehouse insulation enhancement

  • Thermal and sound insulation, flame retardant

  • Keywords: sustainability, insulation 


Environmental Cleaning

Oil & Gas & Odor Absorbents

  • Suitable for water treatment and gas absorption; especially useful with the oil leak

  • Average pore size, nm: ≤50 with porosity, %: ≥95% 

  • Keywords: environmentally friendly, reusable, absorbent


Food Industry Cold Chain Logistics

Hardware Upgrade

  • Suitable for refrigerated trucks, cargo containers, storage locker upgrade

  • Thermal conductivity  W/(m•K) ≤0.023

  • Keywords: energy saving, operation efficiency


Consumer Insulation Tools

Aerogel Lunch Bag

  • Keep your food and beverage cold/hot longer

  • Fashionable design, thinner material saves more zoom

  • Keywords: better performance, on the road, flexibility 


EV Battery Protection

Insulation Layers

  • Suitable for EV battery pack insulation, battery fire, and explosion prevention

  • Thermal conductivity  W/(m•K) at 572°F ≤0.036

  • Keywords: fire retardent, safety, battery protection


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